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Comelyy Comfort Loafers(Wide Fit)

Comelyy Comfort Loafers(Wide Fit)

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"Life-Changing Comfort"

This shoe is specially designed to be the most perfect shoe. And that's most of us!

"It's never easy for me to find nice and comfortable shoes since I have extra wide-width feet, these loafers have been great, super stylish yet I can walk comfortably in them for hours!"
-Megan R.

Indulge in a relaxed body experience with enhanced balance and posture. Embrace the feather-light comfort akin to going barefoot, all while effortlessly showcasing your style at work, during play, or in the midst of your exercise routine.

Experience the ultimate in comfort and breathability with our women's shoes—crafted from mesh for a lightweight and airy feel that keeps your feet secure without the stuffiness. The Memory Foam insole, paired with soft and comfortable knit mesh fabric, ensures a plush and supportive step.

Step onto the cloud-like softness provided by the MD full-length cushioned outsole, offering a perfect buffer between your feet and the ground. Our shoes are not just about comfort; they embody a stylish flair available in multiple colors, allowing you to find the perfect pair that complements your unique style.

Designed with precision to align with human body engineering, our shoes embody a green and healthy concept, combining style with wellness seamlessly. Step into a world where every stride is a harmonious blend of comfort, style, and well-being.


Achieve unparalleled foot control, stability, and balance with our specialized footwear. These shoes are heat-moldable, ensuring a custom fit tailored to your unique needs. Experience shock absorption and reduced friction, culminating in an elevated level of overall foot comfort. Step into a realm where every detail is crafted to enhance your foot's well-being.


  • Elevate your walking experience with our exceptional shock absorption soles, providing steadfast stability for extended periods without strain or imbalance.
  • Bid farewell to discomfort—our shoes are designed to alleviate pain associated with flat feet, poor walking posture, and plantar fasciitis.
  • Achieve posture perfection as our footwear aids in straightening your hips, correcting knock knees, and addressing muscle imbalances by optimizing the structure of your feet. Step confidently into a world where every stride is a step toward comfort and well-aligned posture.


Versatile and adaptable, our shoes are perfect for various daily activities, including long hours of standing work, leisurely walks, casual outings, and everyday use. Whether you're looking for footwear suitable for work environments, addressing plantar fasciitis concerns, engaging in recreational activities like fishing or gardening, dressing up for a night out, going shopping, embarking on a journey, driving, or participating in various dance forms such as jazz, tap, street jazz, ballet, folk dance, Zumba, or athletic workouts—our shoes are designed to complement every facet of your dynamic lifestyle. Step into comfort and style, no matter where your day takes you.

Experience the sensation of walking on air with our lightweight and breathable loafers. Boasting excellent support and a skid-resistant rubber sole, these loafers reduce the impact as you walk, providing a feeling of lightness on your feet.

Tailored for comfort, our loafers are perfect for wider feet, crafted with stretchable materials to accommodate E to EE width. Embrace high quality with an innovative air-cushioned sole, crafted from soft, patented materials that not only ensure comfort but also deliver slip-resistant confidence with every step. Step into a world where lightweight comfort meets exceptional quality.

*Please measure your feet instead of your shoes to ensure accurate sizing, we do not accept returns for false measurement.

Attention!  Size Chart ( The Default Size is US Size)

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